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Blurb about my book.


Dazzling cities where dragons and airships fly among enchanted skyscrapers and winged people nest on rooftops under a never-setting sun.

Hidden villages in desert caverns, populated entirely by shapeshifters who live half their lives blind.

Armies of towering wolfen beings waging vicious battle under the blood moon.

Myriad nations of the alien world of Zalensia, a realm where humans find themselves summoned in their slumber, living dual lives in dreams and on Earth.

Sophia is one such human. Every night she dreams of flying, never assuming more of the realm on the other side - until she wakes one morning with wings on her back. Now she must use her sleeping hours to venture across this magical landscape, finding answers to her transformation whilst keeping it hidden on Earth.

But Zalensia is not a world made for humans, and the beings that call it home do not take kindly to outsiders...


Joelle Dresden Haskell
United States
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Content may be NSFW; follow links at your own discretion.


Inktober 28 - Fall
The fog fell in blinding banks, settling on streets, rolling over the presidio. The salted breeze of the bay went quiet in the invisible distance. The driveway receded into mists where the whiteness turned the world into an empty void. All was white, white, white.

Sophia opened the door, backpack on for school. She stopped at the sight of an unfamiliar car as it emerged from nothing like a dark creature breaching the surface of the sea.

Micah stepped up behind her, a curious word on his tongue at her pause. His eyes went past her and he became a second statue.

The car doors opened. Two officers stepped out, faces stolid and somber. Sophia shrank back over the threshold, peering past her father who had not moved.

"No," came his whispered plea.
Inktober 27 - Climb

The rain fell in steaming sheets, hissing on asphalt, muttering on cars. The salted scent of seawater demurred beneath the insistent squall. The mountains’ green slopes receded into mists where the clouds leaned down from the sky to wreathe them. All was green and gray, jade and pewter.

The first time Sophia flew was the last time her mother saw their homeland.


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